How can I register my event?
Simply fill in the registration form on our website. Once it has been approved your event will appear on our map and you will receive a confirmation email with a code that allows you to change your details if you need to. You will receive a URL link to your event for sharing as part of your promotions and access to the communications kit.
What type of events can be organised to celebrate the European Day of Sustainable Communities?

Let your imagination run free! In 2019 events ranged from apple harvests to conferences, film screenings, open days, guided walks, shared meals and concerts. Whether it’s a couple of hours long or a whole day we welcome anything which you think celebrates and showcases the work your community is doing to create a zero-carbon, regenerative and inclusive Europe.

If you are already organising a suitable event on 19th September 2020 (or between the 12th and 26th September) why not connect it to the European Day of Sustainable Communities?

Is the day for the whole of Europe?
Yes. This is a day of celebration for communities across Europe. It is not confined to initiatives in the European Union.
When must we register our event on the European Day website?

To maximise the impact of our collective action, we ask you to please register your event as soon as registration opens on 28th April. You’ll be able to edit your entry so you can always add in details of your event later.

When’s the latest we can organise an event?

Ideally you should have your event organised well in advance so that you can promote it as best as possible. We’d love to have as many events registered before the summer holidays start! It’s never too late, however, so if this is not possible, then just try to organise something as soon as possible before the 12th September.

Are there any particular themes that you want events to focus on?
No, for now the day is very broadly about showcasing citizen and community-led action on climate change and sustainability, so the scope is wide open as long as they are about creating a zero-carbon, regenerative and inclusive society.
Who’s the organiser of the European Day of Sustainable Communities?

ECOLISE, the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability, is the main organiser of the European Day of Sustainable Communities, in cooperation with our members and our EDSC partners and national contact points. In Brussels we are once again partnering with a number of European Union Institutes in organising an event to mark the day.

Who’s organising the local events all across Europe?
People across Europe who are involved in community-led initiatives are the co-creators of the European Day of Sustainable Communities – they are the ones organising the multitude of events that show the vibrancy of this Europe-wide movement.
Is any financial support available for event organisers on the ground?

We are once again able to give very modest financial support to our national contact points this year. Unfortunately, we don’t have any financial support available for local events at present. Maybe you can find a local funder?

Can I volunteer for the European Day?
Absolutely! The best way would be to get involved with others in your locality. Check out the map of registered events or the ECOLISE members page for ideas.
How can we go about promoting our event?

Use our hashtags #EDSC20 and #SustainableCommunity wherever and whenever you can! Please also see our promote page. Once you have registered an event you will have access to the communications kit too.

Do we have to call our event a European Day of Sustainable Communities event?

Preferably, yes. By doing so you are helping to make this an impactful day, which draws the attention of the general public and policymakers to the enormous potential of community action. To make the link, register your event on this website. Then use our hashtags #EDSC20 and #SustainableCommunity, our logo and our communications kit to promote it!

Is anything being organised in other parts of the world?

Yes! In 2019 the first North American Day of Sustainable Communities took place with 23 events in the USA and Canada. This year they are once again celebrating on 19th September 2020.